Purple Squirrel Productions

Publisher. Producer.

Purple Squirrel Productions is a small independent publisher of various books and games.

We started out by selling Mancala games, but expanded when we met more and more folks wanting their independent work seen by the world.

Browse below for our current line-up.

How to Play Warri
The Caribbean Oware Mancala Game
by David B. Chamberlin
This guide to Warri (Oware) is a comprehensive look at the strategies and tactics to win the Mancala game.

List price: 9.99 USD

Lessons from 20 Years of Event Planning
by Sean Spence
"Eventology: Lessons from 20 Years of Event Planning" is for anyone who wants to plan the best events they have ever attended.

List price: 8.99 USD

FreeCAD for Inventors
Practical Examples and Clear Descriptions (v0.17)
by Brad Collette
This book introduces novice and intermediate users to the most frequently used tools and techniques in FreeCAD.

List price: 24.99 USD

请 Inventor 用 FreeCAD
(v0.17, v0.18)
by Brad Collette, translation by 曲政 译

List price: 中国0美元, 其他地方15美元